It was created, but can it be destroyed?

“An unexpected, satisfying conclusion keeps ENTITY fast-paced and gripping from beginning to end.”

D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

“Recommended for anyone who likes their scares in outer space – and using their brains to do so.  Elder is one of the new breed in dark scifi and will hopefully be around for a long time”

Dave Simms, Book Reviewer, Horror World

“The aura of terror that pervades the story, along with the fine cast of characters, will have readers under its spell in no time.”

Donna M. Brown, RT Book Reviews Magazine ****1/2



Science Fiction Thriller

by Joanne Elder


 EPIC eBook Awards Finalist 2013

Rated TOP PICK – RT Book Reviews Magazine

Ranked 3rd for 2011 Best Science Fiction Novel in

Predators and Editors Readers Poll


 Midwest Book Review:

“For profit, there is no cost too much. “Spectra” is a science fiction journey into the deep future as mankind meets a species of pure energy. Curiosity takes hold first, but the cruelty of human nature steps ahead and it seems that the very essence of evil may soon be created by the very evil of it all. “Spectra” is an exciting and original questioning of human nature, highly recommended for science fiction fans.”

Sara Earl, Game Vortex Book Review:

“I love sci-fi novels, but it’s rare that I find one that really combines a good drama within the sci-fi. Joanne Elder has done an amazing job mixing a technical sci-fi story with a wonderful drama and even a love story in her debut novel Spectra.”

Lisa Brown-Gilbert, Pacific Book Review:

“This is a completely enthralling science fiction genre novel that not only excels in creating a great science fiction/ adventure /thriller/Romance but the story is so well put together that by the end of the book it leaves the reader wanting for more.” 

What happens when the fragile line between genius and insanity is drawn with the blood of an entire species?

Spectra book cover

Light years away from Earth a mining exploration crew makes an amazing discovery…intelligent life comprised entirely of energy. This living energy is so pure and unique, it could provide proof of the existence of the human soul. Those exposed to the entities gain unimaginable cognitive abilities but at a terrible cost.A rogue scientific group will do anything to maintain the mind enhancing gifts, even if it leads to the destruction of the peaceful beings. Only two people stand in their way, and they will sacrifice everything to end the slaughter.

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